Welcome to simpleLinux!


Latest version: 0.1 (Aphrodite) – Link

Currently working on: 0.2 (Anfisa) – Link

Old version is still available. on http://ftp.cc.uoc.gr/mirrors/linux/simpleLinux/

What is simpleLinux?

simpleLinux is an operating system, that includes set of basic utilities and programs that ease your computer usage.
simpleLinux is a free software based on the Linux, targeted for various users, from general users to network admins.

Linux at a Glance:

Linux is an open source software, that powers half of the world’s supercomputers. Web servers, mail servers, ftp servers are using Linux as it’s engine. Lately, Linux has been introduced to general computer users because of it’s stability, flexibility, and freedom to customize (from changing desktop environment into modifying the internal systems). Linux is made by the community, for the community.

echo "Hello World! Welcome to simpleLinux"

Why use simpleLinux?

simpleLinux is a distribution that can be easily customized. simpleLinux has variety of editions, targeted to different purposes. Like, if you’re going to setup a server, you won’t download a Live DVD image with all desktop environments, games etc. Same like if you are going to install it on your grandfather’s laptop, you won’t need to include any print, SSH, or FTP server; that your grandfather (most likely) never going to use it.

However, if you need to add them later on, you can easily issue this command:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install $our_own_package

Or if you would like to search for available apps / packages, simply issue this command:

apt-cache search $anything

simpleLinux will still maintain it’s “small in size” and “runnable on old PCs” idea, even since it’s first created.

simpleLinux GNU/Linux Releases

1. Official Version:

The Official Version includes apps, couple of games, LibreOffice suite, sound player, graphic manipulator and many more. Also comes with Server and Desktop editions.

simpleLinux GNU/Linux versioning for releases are quite similar to Ubuntu Linux, but in simpleLinux every subsequent 10 minor releases will be a long term support release.

For example: Version 1.0 – 1.9 or 1.9.2 (Version 1.9 revision 2) will be a normal version (non-LTS release) while version 1.10 is an LTS release (matured release).

Long term support (or LTS) are releases where hardware updates, maintenance update and app updates will be provided for a long term, for up to 12 months.

Meanwhile normal releases are built in preparation of future LTS releases. Users should update to the latest version of the distribution as soon as it is available.

2. Other builds:

The Nightly Builds include the same apps with official version but includes latest version to date (including beta, untested or even latest alpha version).  Nightly builds are also experimental before being released as the current version.

The Mini CD Version, we only include basic apps and tools, that will fit a mini CD. Sized less than 210 MB. Best for network install.

DVD Version will include most of the applications, many games, number of alternatives office suite, sound player, graphic manipulator and many more. Also includes server functionality like SSH server, FTP server, web server and much more included in the DVD version. Created for people without access to the internet, for people who doesn’t want to install anymore apps, or for people who love to run their desktop in a live mode (without the need to install the OS into their computer).

simpleLinux Reboot()

Seems like simpleLinux is going on a “reboot” for the whole distribution (that is once popular back in time). Why?

simpleLinux started back from scratch to build a more powerful and more customizable distribution. Also, we moved from Slackware to Debian because of it is a powerful hybrid Linux – can be server, desktop or even a tiny little bot – so we choose to start back from beginning.


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